Free pokies nz is a game of chance and, since you will be dependent mainly on how favorably lady luck smiles down at you, it is quite difficult to give tried and tested strategies to ensure bigger chances of winning the game.

What makes strategizing in free pokies nz even more difficult is the fact that, unlike other card games, particularly the game it resembles the most, Poker, the players are not allowed to ask the dealer for more cards.  Free pokies nz players will only have to deal with the three cards that they have been dealt with. In addition, you have the option to peek at your cards or play blind. If you are practical, you would want to see your cards before you place any bets. That way, you only lose the initial pre-agreed upon stake which is set on the table even before the cards are dealt. A show can only be demanded by a player who plays blind, and only occurs when two players are left in the game.

The best way to play free pokies nz is to observe your other opponents and be mindful of their movements. If your opponent plays seen and seems to feel secure in placing bets and raising antes, chances are he is holding a good hand. He may, however, also be bluffing his way to victory. There really is no way of knowing what hand your other players unless you know your opponents and are familiar with their non-verbal cues, you may have to rely solely on your gut feel.

If there is one tactic you should master it is the ability to hold a poker face. If you have checked your cards and are either elated or dismayed with the results, you should not let your feelings reflect on your face (not even a glow in your eyes). Being able to maintain an expressionless countenance and keeping your opponents guessing is probably the best free pokies nz strategy.

If you have peeked at your hand (can only be done either before the game officially starts, or any time during the game on your turn), unless you really feel secure about the cards that have been dealt to you or, if you’re playing blind, have confidence that the cards you have are good then it may be better if you refrained from raising antes or for you to keep bluffing.