The game of Teen Patti is said to have originated in the East, in the country of India in particular, however, the game is being played in many western countries, such as the United States and Europe. No one knows exactly how the game when the West started playing the game, and who is responsible for introducing the game to the other half of the world.

Quite a number of westerners play Teen Patti and are enthusiasts of the game. Apart from the Indian nationals who have relocated to the United States, the game is attracting followers of other nationalities and varying ages as well. The growing interest in Teen Patti can be seen through the increasing number of Teen Patti gaming websites in the Internet as well as the introduction of this game in casinos and other similar gambling places. Why is this game, which only uses three cards, so popular?

One can surmise several possible reasons behind the popularity of the game in the west. One reason could be the simplicity of the rules and the similarity of the hierarchy of cards to the very popular game of poker (high card, pair, colours also known as a flush, normal run or a straight, straight run which is a straight flush in poker, and a trio). To play, you simply agree on a minimum stake before the three, non-changeable cards are dealt, you either look at it or not, you place bets and keep placing bets until someone folds, asks for a compromise, or demands for a show (which only happens when two players are left). Although compromises and shows are governed by a different set of rules, the game is still easy to understand. At the end of everything, the player with the best hand wins! How difficult is that? There is no need for strategizing. No need to give up cards in exchange for new ones from the dealer. None of that, you deal only with the three cards that lie face down in front of you.

Another reason why Teen Patti is gaining its own share of steady followers may be traced too, to how the game differs from Poker when it comes to placing bets. Wagers cannot be equalized and showdowns between more than two players are not allowed. This makes the game even more thrilling and exciting – hallmarks of a great leisure or gambling activity.