We’ve got a lot to get to tonight, so let’s get to the floor and catch up with the players. We continue day two here at Golden Nugget, Atlantic City, minimum buy in for the game is $5,000, maximum is $20,000. And as you can see, so far both Steven McLoughlin and Dan Shak have had pretty good days, Andrew Hanna needs to turn things around. – Yeah I played on Fantasy Sports Live about ten years ago.

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– You’re just not straddling anymore Matt? – Well, sometimes I forget. – I’ll straddle. – I do, like, 50% of the time, I guess. – One third for me.

Exactly. – Two not down, then one up. – [Matthew] You running PokerTracker? – The business, right now, this very moment. Yeah.

– [Chris] Golden Nugget Atlantic City this weeks stop for Poker Night in Amercia. You can always check out all of out episodes onine at We also put out all of livestreasms up there from events. Not every event we will have a livestream, it depends on regulations. King high flop. So Patterson is ahead.

Glantz bets $500. Patterson calls. So Malkin had a decison to make, he got an up and down straight draw.

And he wants to see the turn. So he calls. So three players will see the turn together. And the turns a jack.

You said that he straddled exactly one-third of the time. – No, that’s me, I said I’m doing it one-third. – I was like, oh, you got PokerTracker. – No I got that. Yeah.

– You just jumped right into the business aspect. Very matter-of-factly. – He’s our today’s James Woods. – I don’t know if that’s a compliment or insult.

– Not a compliment. (laughter) In case there was any doubt. – I’ll just clear this off.

– [Chris] Tyler Patterson just calls. Patterson makes two-pair on the river, he checks. And quickly folds. – Please show bluff. – [Chris] Thought maybe Patterson was checking in order to get Malkin to bet, then come over top of him. – Who invited this guy?

– [Chris] But instead, a big pot for Harwyn. – Not everybody has a palette that any cup of coffee could blow their mind. – True, but even Nolan Dalla liked it, which is pretty hard. – A lowly man like Nolan Dalla! (laughter) A man of the people like Mr. Dalla. Is that what you’re getting at.

Even a man of the people would enjoy this cup of coffee. – There’s nothing like a good Nolan Dalla rib. – [Chris] Alright this is the first we’ve heard from Dan Shak tonight, he’s got 9s. Andrew Hanna next to act, in seat 2. – Ah, come on.

– [Chris] Ebony Kenny, in seat 3. – King 5, king 5. – [Chris] She will play her first hand of the night. She calls with suited ace / king.

And now to barista Steven McLoughlin. He calls. Glantz will fold his $100 straddle. So three players are going to the flop together. – Can’t call $200, that’s horrible.

– [Chris] A nice low flop, looks good for Dan Shak and his 9s. But Ebony Kenney picks up the flush draw. – Believe me if my hand hit that flop, I’d be in there. – It’s the same thing I get.

I get the blonde roast with a shot of espresso. – No logos man. – I’m not really a fan of Starbucks coffee, though. – No logos. – [Matthew] Let’s ask Steve what he thinks of Starbucks.

– [Joe] No please, let’s not. (laughter) – [Steve] Did you read my tweet about that the other day? – No. – He doesn’t even follow you on Twitter. Oh, I was trying to needle him and now… – I don’t follow Matt, though, at least, now I don’t. I was making a joke about the flat white, which everyone’s raving about.

And I just had one the other day, and I have to admit, it was a really, really good cup of milk. – [Shaun] I gotta say on camera, his wife has gotten much better at Twitter. – Spouse. – Wife. I’m not as close to her as Matt’s wife, but… – [Chris] Dan Shak bets a thousand, and Ebony Kenney thinking it over, making it appear she has a tough decision to make, where I think it’s an easy one to make. – A lot of the old New York guys, like Johnny Boom Boom and Jay Heimowitz.

– Any of them still around at all? – [Chris] Still 40% chance to win here, on the river, which doesn’t come in, and that is how you lose a bunch of money with ace / king. Action’s on Dan.

– Not everyone, but everyone goes to World Series and plays poker. Everybody now. It’s like six weeks, they’re out there for some period of time. – You don’t come anymore. – I was there last year.

– Oh you were. Yeah not for long but I was there for a couple weeks. – [Chris] If he checks, Ebony might take a stab at this.

– I know who she is. – Do you know what she’s doing nowadays? – [Chris] She checks behind.

– You have a set? – [Ebony] No. – Jack?

– [Ebony] No. – [Chris] It sounds like Dan Shak might have been scared of the monsters underneath the bed, if Ebony would have just bet. Time to pay some bills, but more poker’s just around the corner, on Poker Night in America. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by

Where the world plays online. – Thanks for coming back to Poker Night in America. Let’s return to the felt.

– What did you have, like, 7s or 8s? – No, you’ll see it, it’s bad. – [Chris] Poker Night in America is brought to you by 888Poker, where the world plays online. – I knew there was no way they could last. The edge is just so big, and the game was so big, fish go broke very quickly. – You had a big piece, yourself?

– Had like a third. – Big enough? – [Chris] Deeb makes its $1100. – What’s your read, Joe? – [Chris] Back to Matt. – All in.

– Oh, god (bleep). – Wait, don’t act yet, Shaun. I wanna hear what Joe says about your hand before you act. Okay, what does Shaun Deeb have, Joe?

Is he calling or folding? – He’s all in? He’s calling.

– He’s right, I call. – Wow, how good’s your reads Joe. – [Chris] And our biggest pot of the night will be with Shaun Deeb and Matt Stout, worth over $9000! Jacks still ahead. – Hope you get an ace on the river, but there’s a jack on the turn.

– Four of hearts. – How about a queen now, just queen. Is everybody rooting?

Too fast. – [Chris] So Shaun Deeb will scoop the pot. – Oh, man, that actually saved me. – Really?

Couldn’t beat that hand? – [Chris] And it looks like a re-buy coming from Matt Stout. – I flatted hoping you would squeeze. – Wait. I get a card. – She’s like, we’re saving you money.

– I’m just hanging out with no money, I’m gonna chat it up. I’m not Greg Raymer. (laughter) What, Greg’s a really nice guy, but it’s really weird to see someone who will start a new story at the poker table after he’s out of the tournament. Greg, you know you can’t reload? You’re gonna have to leave soon. He actually started multiple stories.

– Greg is not as good at this as Gram Deeb. Because she’s the only one who can re-buy. – [Chris] Steve McLoughlin referring to how Shaun Deeb loves to buy his grandmother into the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event. – He was in the middle of a story when he got knocked out, and I figured he was just gonna walk away. That didn’t happen at all, he finished that one, and decided to start talking about another story. – I love Greg, and me and Steven always joke about, you have a phone call, toughest person ever to get off a phone with.

Literally like he’s on the phone with you, holding it, you can’t hit end. – So you’ve never talked to James Woods on the phone. (laughter) – That was actually our conversation last night. Can you imagine James Woods and Greg Raimer in a room together, locked in a box.

They’re gonna fight to the death by talking. – They would be fighting, they would both be competing– – Who would survive the longest? – Greg, he’s got more stored fat, can go for longer. What, that’s not… – Funny thing is, he would probably make that joke, but I don’t know if it’s okay for you to make that joke. – I could, as a fat guy. You know.

– Greg’s awesome, but he can talk. – I thought you’d say, Greg’s awesome, but he’s fat. (laughter) – [Chris] Malkin steps aside, now back to Shaun Deeb. A call. So now $4000 in the middle as we go to the turn.

Here comes another bet from Dan Shak. He calls the $2000. And here comes the river.

It’s a brick for Shaun Deeb. Let’s see if he’s got Dan Shak scared. Dan Shak is first to act, and he checks. Deeb checks behind. Right after winning a huge pot, Shaun Deeb loses a huge pot. We’ve got more from Atlantic City, so don’t go anywhere.

It’s Poker Night in America. – [Voiceover] Draft Kings. The official fantasy sports site of Poker Night in America. – Welcome back to Poker Night in America. We’re in Atlantic City at the Golden Nugget. And now back to the poker.

– Shaun you should just get it all-in pre all the time. That’s the hands you’ve won. You only win flips.

– I’m aware. – He knows how to play two cards. You might even be flipping against me there.

– Lately, he’s been better at playing five and seven cards. – [Chris] Poker Night in America is brought to you by 888Poker, where the world plays online. – Eventually, I’ll flop something. It’s likely. – Ebony’s in?

– I am. – [Chris] Steven McLoughlin assessing the situation, and decides to fold. – [Matt] It’s just not the same when it’s not Shaun opening the pot, is it? – It doesn’t feel as good. – I can dealt good hands just as often as everybody else.

– I showed the aces, played the heck of that. – [Steve] Oh, I suck at poker. I should have called. – Give him two cards out of the muck.

– That’d be fun if I could play two random cards out of the muck. – [Chris] Alright five players seeing the flop together. – I know someone who would did that.

Sit behind another player, if the first player would fold, he’d have the option of playing the hand. – If they’re working together, that works out really well. (laughter) – Guy has aces, he says, “Oh, I’ll fold.” Person behind says, “I’ll play that hand.”

Never gonna put him on aces. – [Shaun] Do you like Omaha? – Sure. – We’re really gonna play this badeucy by the way? – Are we really gonna play this badeucy?

– Why not? – We have to settle our bet first. – No.

You play me 2 and 4 thousand, okay, then we’ll settle the bet first. You must play at least an hour. – I think it’s important, though, for those who are watching at home, never heard of a badeucy before. – They’re never gonna learn it.

– But you should explain what the badeucy is. – I don’t want them to know it. Half the explanation is explaining the badugi. That’s just too much. – It’s like poker, it’s a draw form, a draw form of poker.

– Beacuas I have never played it before in my life. – Joe’s happened to have solved that form of poker. He hasn’t solved the other forms yet.

– It’s draw poker, triple draw. And it’s a split pot game. – Correct. – Way too complicated for Shaun. – He’s good at half of it. And losing the other half.

– [Chris] Let’s see if Ebony’s gonna make her move here, and jam the turn. Both Andrew Hanna and Ebony Kenney playing pretty short stacked. – You’re all-in? – I like that you didn’t snap call.

– Slow rolls are encouraged, so, be careful what you wish for. – I’m no expert at all, but it seems like low is way easier. – Oh, to getting fantasy. – Just to get it right. No not to get into fantasy land, just to get it right.

– Once or twice? – Can we run it more than once or twice? – I always run it twice. – Learn something new. By the way, everyone, Matt always runs it once. – Nice hand.

– We don’t have to show? – [Chris] Andrew misses the first. – You needed a jack? And she has queens?

– Aces. – Aces? – What a terrible call. – So bad. Nice hand.

– Re-buy! – She’s so nice, she says sorry. I think she meant it. – [Chris] Andrew Hanna misses the second river and so Ebony Kenney is going to double up. One of the many ways to play aces.

Maybe dodging a couple of bullets along the way but to double up and win a nice pot. And it looks like that’s going to be it for Andrew Hanna. So we’ve got a seat open on Poker Night in America. – He, like, talked everyone into playing a hand. He’s a ridiculous player.

Why do you raise so much? Because I’m still gonna call? (laughter) – Joe, what kinda question is that?

– [Ebony] Come on, I wanted to see this. – [Chris] Patterson loosening up with ace / 3 of hearts, making the call. And Shaun Deeb folds. – I’m doing the badeucy. – [Chris] But he did get one call from Patterson. Who flops a nut flush draw.

Just ace-high for Matt Glantz, but worth a continuation bet. – Chris, how long is that break? – [Chris] What do you guys want, half hour, 45 minutes?

Two hours? Whatever works best for you guys. If you’re buying, it’s a two-hour dinner break. – They’re working a lot longer than we are. – All in. – [Chris] Matt Glantz running through his head, the things that he could beat with ace-high.

And that’s a pretty short list, so he’s gonna fold. – What he show, three of hearts? – Nice hand, Matt. – I was thinking about calling with ace high.

– You had the best ace high. – [Chris] As we finish for the night, we lost one player tonight. Andrew Hanna decided that a $6000 loss was going to be enough. And Dan Shak, the big winner at the table so far on Poker Night in America, he’s now up to $19,575, a profit, over $9K! More from Atlantic City when we come back, next on Poker Night.

Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online. – For tonight’s poker scene review, we’re returning to one of the classics: Steve McQueen’s 1965 film, The Cincinnati Kid. In this scene, McQueen plays Eric “The Kid” Stoner, an up-and-coming five card stud player, who proves it’s not always a bad idea to call with a lousy pair. This is Poker Night at the Movies. – I’m sayin’ you been marking these cards.

– I don’t need to mark cards to beat you, pal. – He says, you know, I don’t need to have marked cards to beat you, pal. It’s sort of addressed the issue of ego when you play.

What’s wrong with that scene is, you should have said that in the scene, to make the guy make a bad call, and then have the nuts. – Not say it in hindsight. – Just to insult the guy, it makes no– it would have worked, if it had actually gotten a result. As you know as a poker player, and especially as a woman poker player, – If you needle them, of course, if you say, oh, and they try to get information, and you say, oh, blah blah blah, and you’re like, well, you know what? I don’t need this amazing rack that I have to get you to call.

– Wow, we got there, I was waiting– – It got there. – She’s talking about all the chips she would have. – No, she’s actually not. No, she’s not. – I don’t need this rack to get you to call, because you don’t have any faith in my ability, and that’s totally fine.

– [James] And then I call. – And then he calls, and he makes the bad call, and like, hello, egg on your face. – The overhead shot is kinda cool, for 50 years ago, showing the hands and everything. It’s so great, because everybody is so, like, kinda sweaty and disheveled, and there’s Steve McQueen, who looks like he just took a couple of studio headshots.

– Such a stud. – Pristine. Without trying. That was the essence of cool, with Steve McQueen, he never tried to be cool.

Everybody tried to be like Steve McQueen. That’s why Sheryl Crow’s writing a song about him 40 years after he was a huge star. And you saw it right there, the essence of being a movie star, not trying to be a movie star. That’s the brilliance of that scene. – Razor blade not included in the grungy bathroom, what do you think? – It’s like a good solid queen-high flush.

– Ebony? – I felt very, like, Jets versus Sharks here. It was like this element of, like, “What are you bringin’?” “What are we doin’ underneath the bridge?” – I brought a switchblade, I brought a Norelco. – It was like, “No, we’re gonna be good.”

“No, we’re gonna be bad.” Let’s be real, poker players don’t do that. Like, “Oh, you shamed me, okay, you got it.”

That’s how they are. As far as realism, that’s like a zero, but as far as what I just enjoyed, I loved it. – So, Richard, what do you think? – Same thing, for the poker, eh, it’s not great, but as a scene, it’s a full house. – There you go, that’s our review of the scene tonight, from Cincinatti Kid, on Poker Night. – Drop it!

– For more from Poker Night, visit or connect with us, on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, where you can see complete episodes and unedited livestreams. Also be sure to check out our online store, for Poker Night shirts, hats, hoodies, and more. For everyone here at Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson. Poker Night in America is brought to you by 888Poker, where the world plays online. And by Draft Kings.