The game of Teen Patti is fairly easy to play. Before the game starts, all the players agree on a minimum stake. This pot is usually placed in the centre of the table and will be claimed by the player who has the best set of cards. The game starts when the dealer hands out three cards one at a time to all the players. The cards are dealt face down and the players may opt to place a bet on the cards in front of them with or without checking what they have. If the player opts to peek at his cards, he is playing seen, and if he chooses not to look at his cards, he is playing blind.

After the cards have been dealt, betting then starts. The game ends when only one player is left (with the others folding) or when only two players are left and a show is needed to determine the final winner. There are rules that govern a “show”. A show only happens when there are two players left. For those playing blind, the cost of a show is the same as what is at stake and you can only look at your cards after you have given the amount needed for the show. Seen players are not allowed to ask for a show. Seen players can only fold or keep on betting. For games where the two participants are seen players, either one may pay for a show. Afterwards, when the cards are revealed, the hand that has the higher rank gets the pot. In the rare occasion that both hands are of the same rank, the player who did not ask for a show wins the game.

Aside from shows, there are also compromises. This only occurs when all the players took a peek at their cards (a seen game). If you want to ask for a compromise, after you have placed the minimum bet which is double the present amount at stake, you can then ask the player who placed a bet prior to you for a compromise. If the player accepts the compromise, you and he compare cards in private and the one with the lower ranking hand folds. If the player refuses, then betting goes on as usual. For equal ranking cards, the player who requested for the compromise is obliged to bow out of the game. Play, then, continues until only one is left standing.