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The popularity of the game of Hazard surged dramatically during the 17th century and during the height of its popularity, the game was a regular fare in English taverns. Hazard has long been associated with nobility and a significant number of gambling houses have it as their main draw. On the French side, the game came to be known as craps, which was coined from the word “crabs.” This is the term that was used in the game of Hazard to refer to a losing situation where a player ends up with a 2 dice roll. While there is no solid evidence that would materially substantiate this claim, this is considered to be the most acceptable version of the history of craps.

The ancient game of Hazard was introduced and started in America by French and British settlers. The spread of the game gradually reached the southern regions of the continent where it also became an instant hit among the local residents.

19th Century Milestones

During the early part of the 19th century, the evolution and development of the game of craps took a dramatic turn. It was during this time that John H. Winn introduced some changes which simplified the game. This also led to the introduction of a new table layout, which was referred to during that time as the Philadelphia layout. Winn is also credited for the adoption of the Don’t Pass and Pass craps bets as well as the Big 8 and 6.  It was also because of his contributions to the game that players were able to wager against the craps shooter. And because of his substantial participation and contribution in the evolution and development of the game, Winn is acknowledged to be the main author of Craps rules.

20th Century and 21st Century Milestones

The game of craps reached global recognition and popularity during the twentieth century and twenty first century. The game spread to other parts of the globe when US soldiers had their tour of duty overseas during the Second World War. If there is one interesting thing that is shared by the warring armies during the Second World War, it is the game of craps. It is the favorite game of soldiers and the lull times in between their skirmishes were spent playing craps. It finally regained its enviable position in the hierarchy of games in casinos when online casino games were finally launched and almost instantly gained a massive following.